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Min-Aqua Bats

The Min-Aqua Bats Water Ski Club originated in 1950 with a group of local young people water skiing on Sunday afternoons. After noticing their efforts were attracting an audience, the skiers decided to put together a show. And so the Min-Aqua Bats Water Ski Club was born.

By 1952, the members had drafted a charter, set up the club as a nonprofit organization, constructed a handmade jump, and started performing shows regularly. To pay for the rapidly expanding show and the necessary safety equipment, the skiers began our tradition of “passing the bucket”. These young performers were delighted by the support received from the audience and local townspeople.

Soon, the club could afford its first boat, a red, white, and blue Correct Craft, purchased in 1952. Bleachers, lighting, and a clubhouse were added by 1956. The concession stand, run by the club members’ parents, was established in 1982.

The amazing show continues to run every year. You can see them every Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday throughout the beautiful summer in the Greater Northwoods.

Check out their website for events, schedules, and more: https://www.minaquabats.com/