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Businesses of all sizes in Northern Wisconsin benefit from a membership in the Greater Northwoods. You'll gain insights into the latest happenings in the Northwoods, access to member-only events and trainings, and most importantly, a powerful new marketing channel for reaching new customers.

The Greater Northwoods folks have been a wonderful asset to the business community. We have enjoyed being in their circle and look forward to a long, valuable partnership.

Become a Founding Member

We're launching this website Spring 2021, and if you act fast, you can become one of our founding members.

The first 50 members will receive the following:

  • Early Access to Latest Features
  • Waived Setup Fee, a $150 Value
  • Lock-In Your Rates for 3 Years
  • Invitation to Exclusive Events

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Why Greater Northwoods?

Our thriving business community has many positive goals to grow together and is the single best resource for connecting you and your organization with others.


Beautiful Microsite

With your membership, your business receives a hand-crafted microsite on the Greater Northwoods website. And it'll showcase your business to all of those in our expansive network of supportive followers, potential customers, and more.


Increased Exposure

Our team will continually boost and drive visitors to your microsite. These potential new customers will learn about your business through a growing list of advertising channels.


High-Quality Leads

Our goal for you is to gain access to a wide-audience of prospects. The user-friendly design and conversion rate optimized layouts of your microsite will direct customers to your front door.


Boost Revenue

Everything our team does is to support your continued business growth. We strive to provide your organization with the strategies and network to continually grow your business, hit your revenue goals, and ensure your business has the best year, every year.


Expand Your Reach

The Greater Northwoods platform connects the entire region and helps your business discover an ever growing list of partners, customers, and advocates.

Details Of Membership

So what's in it for you and your organization?

Beautiful Microsite

Our marketing team will create a clean, branded landing page designed to direct potential customers to your business. It looks great on a mobile device and is optimized to convert visitors into new leads.

Targeted Advertising

We will drive high-quality traffic to your microsite from business-specific social/web ads and featurettes throughout our deep network of marketing channels. With the goal of getting you more customers.

Search Engine Reach

Gain additional exposure online through our search engine optimization techniques. Giving you a brand new way to earn fresh leads and new high-quality prospects.

Traffic Report

You will receive a detailed breakdown of your microsite's performance. From impressions and clicks to locations and traffic personas, you'll have a great idea of how it's all working for you.

Monthly Email Updates

Keep in touch with the Greater Northwoods through our members-only monthly newsletter, allowing you to keep a finger on the pulse of the Northwoods business community.

How It Works

It's easy to get started! Here's what to expect from us when you sign up for The Greater Northwoods.

Step 1: Setup

Our team will work with you to craft the perfect microsite.

It's simple and straightforward. We'll help you gather the best photos and consolidate your message to match our proven formula for converting web traffic.

Step 2: Launch

When you're happy with your microsite, it will go live on the internet.

The layout will look great on all screen sizes and designed to convert visitors into potential new customers.

Step 3: Promote

We will utilize an omni-channel marketing approach to drive targeted traffic to your microsite.

All of which will give you a brand new open door to attract new customers to your business.

Step 4: Optimize

Your microsite and the traffic sources will continually be improved based on analytics and feedback.

Our goal for your business is to gain more brand awareness, win more customers, and earn more revenue!

Membership Options

Join the Greater Northwoods business community and receive a beautiful, mobile-optimized business listing. Your custom branded microsite will be search engine optimized and designed to lead more potential customers into your business!


A basic Greater Northwoods microsite:

  • Beautiful on Mobile Devices
  • Search Engine Optimized
  • Increased Traffic to Your Business
  • Profile Photo / Logo
  • About Your Business:
    • Business Overview
    • Contact Info
    • Up to 3 Talking Points
    • Link to Website
  • Location / Map
  • Call to Action


An expanded Greater Northwoods microsite:

  • Beautiful on Mobile Devices
  • Search Engine Optimized
  • Increased Traffic to Your Business
  • Profile Photo / Logo
  • About Your Business:
    • Business Overview
    • Contact Info
    • Up to 3 Talking Points
    • Link to Website
  • Location / Map
  • Call to Action
  • Custom Cover Art
  • Up to 10 Additional Photos
  • Upload PDF
    • Menu
    • Services
    • Etc.
  • Connect Your Social Feeds

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