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Fallison Lake

Fallison Lake is a magical place that is special to many locals in the Northwoods. The views along the 2 mile hike are breathtaking. It is worth visiting every season!

About Fallison Lake

Most of the locals have a special story of this beautiful trail! For our team, this is where our founders got engaged! Since then, they started visiting the place every season. Every hike is special and magical in its own way. 

This gorgeous loop trail is a great moderate hike for the whole family. It is a little over a couple of miles of loop trail that goes around the 53 acre lake. The entire route offers amazing scenery all the way around. The water is mostly calm which creates a very nice reflection of trees and the sky on a clear day from Spring through Fall. 

The interpretative trail has informative signs that help you envision the story on how the mini ecosystem was formed as well as what to pay extra attention to along the way. You will see the boulders that were washed off by the glacier many years ago which is rather exciting! The bogs along the boardwalks make a great environment for many wildlife, flora, and fauna. 

Every season is definitely worth visiting for but the Fall season is our most favorite during its leaves foliage peak!