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Bearskin Trail

Enjoy all the great amenities the 21.5 miles Bearskin Trail has to offer! Whether it is hiking or biking from Spring through Fall or ATV / Snowmobiling adventures in the winter season!

About Bearskin Trail

The Bearskin Trail is an old railroad that was used to transport logs between the Northwoods region to the cities in the Midwest.

This 21.5 miles trail was converted to a crushed granite road that stretches between downtown Minocqua and Tomahawk (Hiawatha Trailhead). 

A fun adventure route … 

Downtown Minocqua has a lot of dining and recreational activities. There are also a few dining and recreation destinations a few miles near the Hiawatha Trailhead. Our favorites are Tilted Loon Saloon and Windmill Ice Cream Shop! 

We highly recommend checking out the entire trail. You will be delighted with the amazing sound (and most likely sighting) of nature creatures as they give you company passing through the sixteen trestles and lookout along the way! It is like being in a bird sanctuary all throughout! 

It will take a bit of coordination with your adventure buddy to bike one way -- parking one vehicle or pick up schedule at the end of the trailhead. An alternative is to make it a full day adventure and reward yourselves with fine dining and/or recreational activities on both ends of the trail! 

Packing lunch for picnics is also an option. There are picnic shelters along the way so you can enjoy your meal comfortably!